2.2. Introducing Reading Fluency Practices and the Multilingual Readers’ Theatre

GameLet was designed based on a didactic-methodology called "Multilingual Readers' Theatre" which includes multilingual texts developed during the international Erasmus+ project MELT (2014-2017). The objective behind the Multilingual Readers' Theatre, a cross-language variation of a cooperative reading aloud procedure, allows pupils to practise a theatre scene in groups until they are able to read it aloud fluently and expressively. For this reason, teachers who wish to use GameLet should first familiarise the class with the concept and relevance of reading fluency, conduct different forms of reading fluency training with the learners, and finally conduct a Multilingual Readers’ Theatre play in f2f teaching.

The following section deals with these aspects and describes:

        2.2.1 Principles of Practice and Forms of Reading Fluency Training

        2.2.2 Characteristics of the Multilingual Readers' Theatre

        2.2.3 GameLet: the Adaptation and Transformation of the MELT Design to the Didactic-Methodical Design of GameLet