5.4.1. Preparing your text

Short task description Students prepare their role for individual practice.
Aims Script study, identify difficulties and insert notes that may help students during the individual practice.
Social format Individual
asynchronous mode
Feedback none
Time needed 20min

Task description

Students work individually on their scene script. Students should first identify their weaknesses and then insert helpful notes for their individual practice.

Using the game

Before students practise reading their role aloud, they identify the various kinds of moods that are a part of their texts.  They check and make marks in their text where they need to sound angry, sad, happy, relaxed, etc.

Read your script and take notes on:

  • how to emphasize certain words, or parts of sentences,
  • your character's mood,
  • when to use pauses,
  • how to pronounce difficult words.

Total possible points: 50 points