4.1. Requirements

To use GameLet in class, you as teacher, and each of your pupils will require:

  1. The latest web browser. GameLet runs fully on a browser. Google Chrome is recommended. Although other common browsers, e.g. Mozilla Firefox, will probably work, they were not thoroughly tested. Safari browser is not recommended.  
  2. A tablet or PC that runs on either Android, Windows or iOS. For a satisfying GameLet experience, smartphones are not recommended. All devices must allow recording audio via a microphone and have internet access. For some tasks, students must be able to photograph or scan documents that they will create, and upload the results. Alternatively, it is possible to use text processors and painting software that are already installed on a computer for the purpose of creating task required documents. In any case, students must have access to the file system (wherever they store these documents), in order to upload documents that they have created via the web browser.
  3. Minimum hardware requirements:
    1. The latest version of your web browser.
    2. Android 7 or higher; iOS 10 or higher. Windows 7 or higher.
    3. The device's built-in microphone or external microphones; the latter is recommended.