5.5.1. Recording Rehearsal

Short task description The groups meet to practice and record their rehearsal and send it to their teacher for feedback. They record their scene synchronously.
Aims Fostering reading fluency; actively involving the students; sharing reading experiences
Social format Collaborative
asynchronous mode
Feedback Feedback from the teacher
Time needed The time needed depends on the length of the scene and the fluency level of the individual students.

Task description

Groups meet online to record their first reading rehearsal. Then, they send the rehearsal recording to their teacher for feedback.

Using the game

Meet your group in a video conference.

Step 1: Practise reading

  1. Read your scene aloud with your group members.
  2. Practice until you feel happy with the results (at least 2 times).


Step 2: Recording rehearsal

  1. Record your whole scene using your mobile phone or a video conference tool (e.g. Zoom).
  2. Check sound quality.
  3. Select the best recording.
  4. Upload the recording for teacher feedback.

Total possible points: 50 points