5.2.1. Reading the scene

Short task description Teachers assign students their roles that they read for the first time.
Aims Students become acquainted with their roles and those of fellow players.
Social format Individual Work
asynchronous mode
Feedback Ν/Α
Time needed 15 min
Possibilities for differentiation Standard version: Students may read their scene twice.
↓: Read the script multiple times.
↓↓: Use the built-in dictionary for further language support.

Task description

Students are assigned to work groups and roles are  assigned to the individual members of the group. Each group member reads the scene assigned to their work group. During this phase, students work on becoming acquainted with their role and the scene. Students should also work on understanding the scene as best they can. Students have access to  the built-in dictionary to improve their understanding of the text, whenever it is necessary.

Using the game

Step 1: Use the built-in dictionary for help, if there are words that you don’t understand.

Step 2: Read first the summary of scene 1 and then your scene, if your group works on scene 2.

Step 3: Read first the summaries of scene 1 and 2 and then your scene, if your group works on scene 3.

The Awarding points are then displayed, as shown below.


Total possible points: 50 points