5.3.2. Digital Character Card

Short task description Learners check their understanding of their characters by answering a character questionnaire.
Aims To aid student comprehension of their scene and their character in particular
Social format Individual Work
asynchronous mode
Feedback Teacher feedback
Time needed 20 min
Possibilities for differentiation Standard version: Learners fill in the character card using their L2
↓: Learners use their L1

Task description

Learners need to show how much they know about the characters in the scene by filling in a digital character card. Therefore, they need to find answers to questions which sum up the most important factors of the character that speaks the L2. Learners who have a narrator role choose one of the characters and fill in that character's card. Afterwards, they upload their character cards in GameLet, hence making it available for both classmates and the teacher. Optional: Students might be asked to read each other's character cards.

Using the game

A journalist needs character cards of each character for the press. Please, fill in the form and send it to the producer!

Step 1: Fill in the digital card for your role.

BUT: If you have a narrator role, choose one of the characters and fill in this character’s card. If you cannot answer a question, read your scene again.

Step 2: When you are finished, submit your card.

The Awarding points are then displayed, as shown below.

Total possible points: 50 points