5.1.2. Putting the Story in the Right Order

Short task description Students need to put the story parts in the right order.
Aims Aid student understanding of the story’s literary key elements such as plot, characters, conflicts and settings.
Social format Individual Work
asynchronous mode
Feedback Automatic feedback (system)
Time needed 10 min

Task description

This task also uses an image of a central scene in the  podcast script. This can be one of the  pictures from the "Picture Quiz" activity, or a new one. Images of elements  learned in podcast story, are inserted on top of this picture. Alternatively, particular  objects within the picture can be highlighted . For example, in the picture used for "Hansel und Gretel", the oven, or the old witch, can be highlighted for easier recognition. Students must first find these images and then click on them. By clicking on an image, a suitable text part from the reading theatre appears. Should a  student select another image, the matching text automatically appears. Students should drag and drop the story texts into the correct order. If the students are unfamiliar with the story, they should  try to sequence the parts of the  story that make sense to them. In order to help students get started, key fairy tale terms, such as “Once upon a time…” and “They lived happily ever after” are used, which are meant  to ward off frustration.  

Using the game

Step 1: Click on the images with the mouse or your finger.

Step 2: Drag the displayed story parts into the field, on the right.

Step 3: Put the text in the right order.

Step 4: You can change the order of the passages; then, when you think the text is in the right order click ‘Check Solution”.

The Awarding points are then displayed, as shown below.

Total possible points: 50 points (1st attempt), 30 points (2nd attempt), 10 points (3rd attempt)