5.1.3 Words and Their Pronunciation

Short task description Students learn new vocabulary in five steps:
(i) viewing a visual representation,
(ii) listening to the explanation,
(iii) practicing pronunciation along with a digital model,
(iv) learning to spell and translate them, and
(v) inserting words into sentences.
Aims Vocabulary introduction: aid students learn new vocabulary
Social format Individual Work
asynchronous mode
Feedback Automatic feedback (system)
Time needed Dependent on individual vocabulary knowledge and learning ability

Task description

Teaching new vocabulary is not only important for reading comprehension, but also for prosodic segmentation needed for reading it aloud well. For this reason, it is not only essential to learn the meaning of new words, but also how to spell and pronounce them correctly. In order to ensure holistic vocabulary learning, there are specific teaching strategies that should be followed. These involve learning to store newly encountered words, followed by their retrieval and use in sentences or phases. Therefore, language learners require a clear visual and auditory image of the new word. They also need to learn the meaning of the word  by means of  those images. By the end of the learning process, a strong connection between word form and its meaning is essential for its correct usage. For this reason, the game “Words and their Pronunciations” was designed so that  learners first see a visual representation of the word. Finally, learners hear the word along with its description several times before they see the word in its written form, or be expected to use it themselves.

In this task, learners acquire new vocabulary by means of: (i) visual representation, (ii) word explanation, (iii) pronunciation practice with a digital model, (iv) spelling and translation, and (v) sentence writing.

Using the game

In this task, students will learn new key  words and phrases for their scene.

Step 1: Look at the image and say what you see.

Step 2: Listen to the word/s explanations

Step 3: Speak out the word(s) along with the audio speaker

Step 4: Look at the spelling of the word/s and read the translation

Step 5: Write a sentence with the new word/s

Step 6: Practice with the next word. Click the ‘Next’ button.   Repeat as many times as words appear.

The new word appears.

The Awarding points are then displayed, as shown below.

Total possible points: 50 points