5.3.3. Emoji Tales

Short task description Learners practice reading their role aloud after listening to an audio model and associate the wording with the proper emoji (emotion).
Aims Foster reading with proper intonation, pace and emotions as conveyed in the text.
Social format Individual
asynchronous mode
Feedback Automatic Feedback (system)
Time needed approximately 20 min

Task description

Learners practice their script on their own, either in the classroom, or at home. First, they read the highlighted passage and listen to its audio model. Then they read aloud their role, and click the associated emoji from the list. If they get it wrong, they read the learning tip and try again. If their answer is still not correct, they read the second learning tip and try once more.

Using the game

In this task, you must pay attention to the expression of the model reading and the emotions conveyed by the text. You are allowed three attempts!

Step 1: Read the first highlighted turn.

Step 2: Then listen carefully to the audio model reading.

Step 3: Think about what emotion is conveyed.

Step 4: Click on the highlighted word and select the correct emoji.

Step 5: If it is the wrong emoji, read the tip and try again. You have 3 attempts.

Step 6: Do this with all the highlighted turns.


The awarded points are then displayed.

Total possible points: 50 points