4.3.2. Modular Course

You may only wish to employ a smaller selection of the games and tools in GameLet or change the suggested order of activities. In this case, we offer a “modular approach” which allows you to choose the tasks (the modules) that you wish to use, and in your preferred sequence. This approach does not follow a narrative and does not employ the game mechanics of awarding points to students. Moreover, the modular approach does not generate a website with the podcasts, at the end of a course.

Your modular course (approach) will have a main page as shown below.

  1. Course Card: As the course does not have a narrative, it lists only the tasks. There is no mandatory sequence in carrying out the activities. By copying the task link you can send it to your students, add it to your moodle course, or any other learning platform of your choice.
  2. Notifications Card: Here you can see the last 5 notifications that have been received. By clicking on the notification, you can see the information sent by the student and give feedback. To see how this works, click here to access the full list of notifications, click on:  View All.
  3. Participants and Groups Card: The students participating in the course are listed here. To enroll students and create groups, click on: Edit. You will find more information about here.