5.1.4. Teacher reads aloud

Short task description By listening to the teacher read a multilingual passage, learners are able to become better acquainted with the story. Students check their text understanding by answering multiple-choice questions.
Reading fluency method Model reading
Aims Aid students to comprehend the story; introduction to a multilingual story
Social format Individual Work
asynchronous mode
Feedback Automatic feedback (system)
Time needed Dependent on individual reading comprehension level
Possibilities for differentiation Standard version: Learners listen to the recording of the teacher reading the introduction of the story.
↓: Learners listen to the recording several times; learners listen to the recording sentence by sentence as often as is needed
↑: Learners listen to the recording only once

Task description

With the help of the Teacher Reads Aloud activity,  learners become acquainted with  key points of the story which  should lead to basic understanding. In this way,  learners experience a  multilingual reading aloud session by  a competent reader who models  appropriate speed, expression and intonation. Learners become acquainted with the story by listening to the teacher read the introduction to a  multilingual podcast. To identify how much of the reading learners have understood, they complete a comprehension task on Gamelet.

Using the game

Step 1: Listen to your coach reading aloud and get to know more about your podcast story. Click on the video below to start listening to your teacher.

Tip: You can stop the recording at any time and listen to it again as many times as needed.

Step 2: Check your understanding of the Teacher Reads Aloud.

  • Hover your mouse over the answer you think is correct. Only one answer is correct. If your answer is correct, the ‘Next’ button will appear.
  • Click the ‘Next’ button to answer the next question.